1The Break2020
Wordmark redesign for a Brooklyn-based upscale vintage boutique. View here.
2Obituary for a Year 2020
Writings from 2018 through 2020 chronicling the illness and subsequent death of my father in October of 2019. View here.
3Album Covers 2020
Album covers created for the music project "With Friends."
4Draw the Alphabet 2020
A letter drawing application that utilizes AI facial tracking technology. Users draw letters of the alphabet with their nose and the letters are recorded in a gallery. View here.
6Preposterous Exercises 2019
A card game that investigates the relationship between the effects of our online presence in our offline lives.
7Tshirts 2019
Graphics created using Cinema4D and silkscreened onto t-shirts.
8Psychic Evaluation 2018
How is the price of psychic work quantified? This short guide compares pricing with skillsets to examine the cost of divination.
Paul Thomas Anderson's "Magnolia" in book form. Pagination allows for the reader to follow each individuals story line continuously or read the story as it was written.